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FBN 18 CD (2023)Fin + Frozen Blood (reissue)
FBN 12 (2019)The Plateau Phase (reissue)
FBN 81 CD (2016)Random Textures
FBN 54 (2015)Compulsion
FBN 12 CD (2013)The Plateau Phase (reissue)
DPRLP05 (2009)The Plateau Phase (reissue)
DRL 138 (2004)The Powder Blind Dream
DRL 126 (2002)Scissorgun
LTMCD 2321 (2001)Piccadilly Radio 1980
LTMCD 2327 (2000)Frozen Blood
LTMCD 2317 (2000)Accessory After the Fact
LTMCD 2315 (1990 & 1999)The Plateau Phase (reissue)
LTMCD 2302 (1990 & 1999)Fin (reissue)
LTMV X (1985)Fin
FBN 18 (1984)Sexus
FBN 12 (1982)The Plateau Phase
FACBN 4 (1981)Live on a Hot August Night
FAC 32 (1980)Unsightly and Serene
AAR 001 (1980)From the Cradle to the Grave

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