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Cat No DRL 138 Released 2004 Format CD
Title The Powder Blind Dream

Third studio album, recorded in June, 2003, still with the original line-up and again produced by Graham Massey (808 State; Biting Tongues). An old friend returns in the guise of the ARP Odyssey synth, which featured heavily on the band's classic 1982 debut album and gives the new album a sharp retro-modern feel. Click on a selected track title below to listen to a 30-second sample (MP3 format)...

1Quarter Caste
3Evil Eye
5Any Second Now
6Four Line Whip
8Lucifer Rising
9Bad Self
10Houses Sinking
11Pain & Pleasure
All tracks produced by Graham Massey and Crispy Ambulance. All tracks published by Aural Assault Music. All titles by Crispy Ambulance. Redistribution in any form whatsoever strictly prohibited.

Further details and ordering information are available from Darla Records. This is a co-release with LTM Recordings (LTMCD 2372).

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