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October, 2000

Released by LTM Publishing (LTMCD 2327), November, 2000.

LTM Publishing are delighted to announce the release of the fourth and final CD album from cult Manchester post-punk group CRISPY AMBULANCE, hard on the heels of the acclaimed live set recorded at their reunion show last year.

An archive collection, Frozen Blood couples both sides of the ultra-rare 10-inch single released on Factory Records in 1980 (Fac 32), namely Deaf and Not What I Expected, and eight other studio cuts which have long held Grail-like status for band aficionados. Never before released, the band's acclaimed radio sessions for John Peel (broadcast on Radio 1 in January, 1981) and Mark Radcliffe's Transmission programme (broadcast on Piccadilly Radio in July, 1980) include truly superb cuts such as Come On, Drug User - Drug Pusher and A Sense of Reason, none of which made it onto record in any other form. The rolling Drug User - Drug Pusher might even be their best ever song.

The 72-minute CD also features a generous number of live tracks recorded at various locations in 1982, none ever studio recorded. Among the best of these is the deranged Frozen Blood, an improvised Grind and the driving Gift of Danger, all of which demonstrate that CRISPY AMBULANCE remained an adventurous, bravely experimental band right through to their dissolution in October, 1982, yet one still able to write classic left-field rock songs. In toto, the CD offers further bullet-proof evidence that CRISPY AMBULANCE were a band like no other and a truly unique creative force, too long undervalued.

Frozen Blood contains full recording and sleeve notes, and, with seventeen previously unreleased tracks (all digitally remastered), is an ideal companion disc to the existing Crispies' catalogue available through LTM:-

For further information contact James Nice at LTM Publishing on tel/fax +44 (0)1362 861009, or by email at jnice@ltmpub.freeserve.co.uk. Original Piccadilly Radio session master tape resurfaces - Read the news article.

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