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Rob Hayward
Thames Valley, UK
I bought Deaf in 1981 at Rough Trade records in London, along with Do the Du by ACR, and it changed everything. Thanks, I could have still been listening to the Eagles! How about a gig in London sometime?
Mark Craig
Seattle, WA, USA
So lonely for the Ambulance. It's been too long. What the hell have you guys been up to? I want a double album if you got it, please. I don't care if it's old archival stuff, please. Please. The Powder Blind Dream is wonderful, I still play it. God bless. Even if you don't believe in God, etc.. Please. A double LP; let's go! I love the Ambulance. I love it all. Have done ever since I was about 15. I'm 34 now. Double LP; let's go!
Steven Jackson
Helsinki, Finland
Well, what can I say... Have been a big fan for some years. Let's hear some more from you. I can't see you coming up north, but the Finns seem to go for the off-beat, so you never know, you may enjoy the strangest country in Europe. Heipa ja tervetuloa!
Hi. I was wondering if it's possible to see any of Ambulance's music videos, preferably some older ones. I have heard you may have shot some footage in Dublin? Thanks. Love the music.
Jan Eric Nilsson
Stockholm, Sweden
You are probably the best band in the world, so my wish and hope is that you will produce something this year also.
Brad Barsinister
Minnesota, USA
Finally picked up POWDER BLIND DREAM. Another great collection of music. Yeah, inspiring music that. After hearing of your regrouping and listening to your live one and Scissorgun, have trotted out the old band from 12 years ago. We have been playing and writing songs since last May. It's great to be creating again after so long. Thank you for the life changing music and for being an inspiration to this damp 44 year old. Truly wish you the best. THANK YOU!!!
Hamburg, Germany
Hey guys, you've got a great website and very good music... I didn't know you were together again. I have been a big Factory music fan for ages, so I am happy to find out that one of my old Madchester groups is existing again... Will you ever play in Germany? Happy New Year to you and best wishes from Hamburg, Mike! :-)

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