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January, 2002


CRISPY AMBULANCE will be going into the studio at the end of this month (January, 2002) to record a new album. Entitled Scissorgun, the release will be made up of entirely new material written by the original four-man line-up. All production duties are to be taken up by Graham Massey, whose previous projects include Biting Tongues, Blue Pearl, 808 State and Bjork. The album will be released in April. It is anticipated that there will be one or more live appearances to support this release. Scissorgun will be available from LTM in Europe and by Darla Records of California.

The provisional track listing is as follows:-

  1. Step Up!
  2. Loupgarou
  3. Metal Grey
  4. Re-animator
  5. Heatwave
  6. Parallax
  7. The Drop
  8. End Game
  9. Even Now in Heaven, there are Angels Carrying Savage Weapons

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